Wednesday, June 24, 2009

miércoles memories - costa rica #2

las verduras

las frutas

I loved going to the open-air market for lunch breaks from school. All the sights and smells and COLORS were just so tantalizing. My favorite stands were always those that sold the pretty and so yummy. There is something so amazing about the fruit in Costa was always perfect...perfect amount of juicy, perfect amount of ripeness, perfect color, perfect price (pineapples were less than $1, mangos grew on the tree in the back yard, and bananas were practically free they were so cheap...that's my kinda fruit salad.)

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  1. When did you go to Costa Rica? Remind me.

    Pineapples for under $1...yum! I love fresh pineapple. I'd leave the market with quite a few of those. :)