Thursday, February 3, 2011

floating boats

As much of a fan of bright colors I proclaim myself to be, I find softer pastel hues rather divine.  Though, I have nothing in my own home to suggest that sentiment.  These floating boats, by the ever talented Ann Wood, are so dreamy and so captivating I'm having twitching impulses to scrap our current nursery decor and instead play with the whispering colors of the softest blues and grays and creams.  Wouldn't these be delicious over a crib?  Or reading nook? 

These ships make me think of Peter Pan's adventures, and pirates and mermaids and lost treasure and fireworks over the ocean.  Anything that reminds me of Peter Pan is gold in my book. I hope our baby loves those tales of adventure too.


  1. I love them! Maybe you can add them to the current stuff you have?

  2. Ooohh! These are adorable. Kind of makes me want to switch to a whole nautical theme too!