Monday, February 14, 2011

help feed my soul

I just found this fab site, Feed Your Soul, that has free downloadable prints from indie artists.  This might be the answer to my little prayers as I've been trying to find something lovely to hang on a patch of white wall in our nursery.  Our budget is maxed out - so I was going to have to get uber creative (which, unfortunately, I just don't have the time for) or print a photo we've taken...but we aren't photogs here.

Help me pick one of these three...I'm leaning towards the print on the top...whatdoyathink?  Go find your own free inspiration at Feed Your Soul!


  1. Def. the first one.
    It reminds me of your wedding day. : )

  2. i love the last girl for another...

  3. LOVE the one looking up through the trees :) mmm

  4. i love the one of the view looking up through the trees, so hopeful and bright.

  5. Girl of The Grove said what I was thinking - it looks like your wedding day. It also has color while being neutral enough to go with any other colors you use in bedding or whatnot.