Thursday, January 27, 2011

crib sheets

 Michael Miller Zoology Lagoon

I just ordered a couple pairs of custom crib sheets from a shop called Sweet Bobbins.  I just wasn't liking much of what I saw in the I turned to Etsy and it didn't let me down (and the price was roughly the same as the sheets at the baby that was fantastic.)  Bought two pairs of sheets - one of each of these fun colorful graphic designs.  SO excited! 

 Alexander Henry 2D Zoo Multi-color Fabric


  1. Those are fun and just what I'd expect of you.

    You've got to be dying of excitement by now. ;)

  2. ok i just have to finally say i love that you named this post "crib sheets." i keep checking back through all the blogs i read for updates (no pressure! i'm just procrastinating alot) and each time i kinda chuckle due to the double meaning (slang: cheat sheet, so nothing to do with babies, but still) and feel like commenting, but say to myself, nah that's dumb, you don't need to say that. oh but i do. apparently im finally bored enough to take the time :)