Friday, February 25, 2011

missing arizona

I will go days and days without really thinking about life in Arizona...probably one of the perks of being super busy.   Yet, then there are days like today, where it's extra cold outside, a fresh layer of snow is sitting on my car, Tommy is working and I'm home alone.  In these quiet moments, I miss Arizona.

The horizon just doesn't stretch out forever like it does back home.  The sunsets aren't quite as wild here either. And I crave REAL tortillas like crazy (you literally cannot buy decent tortillas here...believe me...I've searched and searched.)  Umm...or Mexican food at all. 

I am getting along just fine in our new place, yet whenever I see an image of the Grand Canyon, or a tumbleweed, or the desert, my heart strings tug because that was once my home.  And a little piece of my heart is always going to be there I suppose.

I think I need a pet cactus.  


  1. I feel yah. The days like today where you wake up and there's snow everywhere and you just want it to be spring... I get homesick so much. I miss Washington state because of the weather here. I can only imagine what it's like coming from Arizona!
    I also miss tortillas! And the 'El something' sauce, the ones they sold in the little red and green cans! I can't find that ANYWHERE in New York. =(

  2. its not an impossibility that we'll eventually end up there....if we do you have to also...i know we'd be best friends!

  3. I moved to Syracuse from New Mexico so I know how you're feeling. I missed the wide open skies. I felt almost clautrophobic with all the trees and houses. And you should just give up now on Mexican food. You'll only be disappointed. Now that I've left NY, I miss the italian food :)

  4. I miss the desert too! I think the smell of the rain is what I miss the most. and borderline feel your pain regarding mexican food... in Denver you have to venture out to the ghetto for a decent burrito- even then, its still not like AZ mexican food.