Wednesday, November 17, 2010

tree toppers

Mosaic Star of Lights Christmas Tree Topper - Glass Gallery Girls

Would you believe me if I told you that we started decorating for Christmas?  I'm not kidding.  Not crazy decorating ornaments are hung, no stockings, no twinkle lights....yet.  But we busted out some of my little Christmas trees and placed them next to some of our autumn decorations...all while sipping hot cocoa and watching our fave Christmas flicks.

While sifting through my lil box of Christmas cheer, it has become clear that there are holiday items we will eventually need - this comes from being a newlywed and never having a "real" Christmas tree before!

1.  Christmas tree topper
2.  Christmas tree skirt
3.  holiday linens (like a table runner or placemats or napkins or something!)
4.  holiday dishes (though I think I may be inheriting a set!!)
5.  advent calender
6.  ornaments!! (yes I have a few from my travels and adventures...but we need some more actually decorate a tree!!)

I'll explore these over the next couple of weeks...see what I can find :-)  Obviously, this search isn't about finding one right now... this year we will certainly make due with sparkly cheap dollar store finds.

yea - if money wasn't an object, I'm pretty sure I would snatch this up right now.

Red Paper Christmas Tree Topper - kissadesign
this is so uber cool...(however...what happens if a red star doesn't "work" with the decor that year?)

thought this one was classic and beautiful...even though rather fancy...
and then I saw the $118 price tag... and I didn't like it anymore.
by Baldwin

what about this pretty bird/nesting/wreath topper?  Very pretty, and unusual...but not quite the classic look I'd want for our family tree topper.


  1. I'm all about decorating super early for Christmas - if it brings you joy, why wait?

  2. i can't wait until a week from today. my husband says that you can't really get excited about christmas until after thanksgiving. sooo, i've been holding back - come this time next week? i'll be releasing my inner christmas beast.