Sunday, November 14, 2010

cutest world map

I saw this posted on DesignMom last week and found it entirely charming.  What a great addition to a baby would transition so beautifully to a toddler, and a growing could be used and adored for so long!!  I can just imagine looking at it with our little girl - pointing out the different places, animals, and adventures that our glorious planet contains. 

The price was kinda steep so I did some additional searches for charming world map art and didn't come up with anything quite so lovely.  Is 99 pounds (how much IS that in American money!?) too much for child-room art?? I don't know these things yet. 


  1. Go to to figure out the currency exchange.

    That map is so cute, you could hold onto it for a grandchild, which is way way in your future.

  2. Hi my old RA! since I lived in England for 6 months I know their money. And yes, it will be too expensive for art, in my opinion. 99 pounds= roughly $200 in US money. Keep looking; you'll find something better and cheaper.