Monday, November 1, 2010

the table is set

My life has been consumed with residency lately...CONSUMED.  I barely get to snuggle with my love - I get home and collapse.  Seriously.  If he doesn't make me a healthy dinner, I down a bowl of cereal and fall asleep before I'm done.  On top of my insane schedule (I'm doing General Surgery right now), we have been moving into our new apartment.   Obviously, Tommy has done 90% of the moving - thank goodness!  

I smiled so big when I came home and saw that he had moved our table and chairs and set the table all pretty with our wedding gifts.   We've actually never fully set the table with our wedding dishes before...and he had to go hunting to find our pretty linens.  He really is the sweetest.


  1. so sweet...we just finished moving too and I know how amazing it is to have someone else do the unpacking!

  2. I actually thought these pictures were from a shoot in a magazine! Good work Tommy. How super duper lovely of him. And your wedding pieces are so lovely xx

  3. That is so sweet! What an awesome guy! We're never ever set our table...but we have a good excuse- we don't have enough chairs! We have TWO for a table that could seat 6-8 people. Not