Tuesday, November 3, 2009

cloudy with a chance of rain

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That was my Halloween costume this year: "cloudy with a chance of rain." And it was the best Halloween of my life.

I drove down to DC for the weekend to stay with one of my dearest friends of all time. She is, quite literally, Crafty McCraftster, and dressed up as Carmen San Diego herself. When I showed up with the intention of wearing a set of blue scrubs as my costume, she busted open one of her pillows and hand sewed cotton clouds all over them. Then she slapped a water bottle in my hand and pinned a big white cotton fluff in my hair. I looked silly - but it was clever and I love clever.

DC was full of clever costumes. Clever costumes and rockin' parties!

Sea Pink - adorable lil pin cushion!

A Little luster - something shiny...and stormy.

Uniquely Chic For You - perfect color to wear on a cloudy day...I like to rock gray. And yellow.

cloudy day magnets found at Kathleen Marie Kelly

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