Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pretty pretty pennsylvania

This view is of the gardens behind my "home" here in the 'burbs of Philadelphia. I fell in love with this month here started out shaky...but I ended up falling hard. It was such a gift to experience the spectacular explosions of brilliant color this autumn. I've decided that I only want to live where the leaves change every year. There really is no other way.

This has been one enchanting month.

The gardens behind my housing. Spectacular.

Red and yellow.

The park across the street.

Yellow leaves make my heart sing.

Such great shapes. I love that all of these different colored leaves came from the same tree.

Streets full of crunchy crunchy leaves.

The prettiest lil red leaf.


  1. Beautiful. You're so lucky you get to live near that!

  2. Stunning! We hardly get this at all in California.. I am with you -I think I must live some place where the leaves change! I gotta get on that...