Sunday, November 15, 2009


Spent a few days in New York City. Gawd. Love that place. Granted, this past weekend was rather rainy...and cold...and windy...and just perfect. I didn't take out my camera...I lived everything instead of trying to capture it. And then I found these amazing images from Porter Polaroid Project and I'm instantly bummed I didn't take any. Next time.

I have a couple fabulous friends in the city. Instead of the tourist thing, I decided to explore their neighborhood (when I wasn't traipsing about the hospitals in Greenwich Village or Park Slope.) I ate at different eateries...did the MET (obviously...I live for my excursions to the MET), studied in little cafes, and meandered in and out of the beautiful boutiques of the upper east side. It was an exquisite five days.

It would be a dream to live here one day.

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