Thursday, November 19, 2009

yellow coat

Two years ago My Guy gave me the most beautiful JCrew coat for Christmas. It is bright yellow, has a ruffled stand up collar, and big fun yellow buttons. I pretty much worship this coat...I have never had anything so fine.

Needless to say, when I was in New York City last weekend I received several compliments on it. Seriously. Simple little me...getting complimented on my clothing in New York. It felt fabulous.

Also...three people asked me for directions. Yep. Like I was a local. And the rad part? I knew how to help them find their way.


  1. bright colored coats stand out in nyc where black coats reign. i'm sure they admired your sense of fashion courage. i myself wear a teal peacoat throughout the winter to keep my spirits going.

  2. LOVE bright coats!! Glad you enjoyed NYC & I love that you were giving out directions left & right! As someone who can hardly make it around my neighborhood without getting lost - I'm impressed!

  3. Now I want a yellow coat. So fashionable, so fun.