Saturday, May 16, 2009

draw on your walls

her outcome...totally amazing

How often are you totally inspired by something you see in a magazine or catalog? It happens to me every time I flip through those glossy pages. I dog ear all the lil lovelies I see and then they get put aside, forgotten about and probably recycled. I guess I just never really thought about re-creating those looks because it seems like such a daunting task, not to mention so crazily out of my pricerange. I do consider myself quite crafty, but I am surely not an artist, so my talents can only take me so far. Except, after seeing this before and after, I am more inspired to try those projects I come across. Maybe I'll start tearing those glossy pages out and putting them in a notebook instead of trashing them next time.

Check these pics out from reader loved the wall design from an ad campaign and with the help of a gold pen, created the look on her own wall!! Too cool.

her inspiration

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