Sunday, December 5, 2010

row of squares

via here

I want this to be my next project.... the quilt.  A quilt of squares.
I have to finish my crazy quilt first.
Ugh - am I ever going to finish it!??


  1. We have one of these at home---my mom called it a postage stamp quilt. Apparently back in the day, my great grandma would just take scrap squares one inch by one inch and hand sew them together at the end of her day...then when she'd sewed the full length of the intended quilt, she'd start another row. That way, at the very end of it, all she'd have to do was sew the rows together and then put on made it a whole lot easier to do than intentionally setting out to make a quilt that seems so aren't supposed to finish it in a weekend. It's supposed to take a year or so.