Wednesday, December 15, 2010

high chairs

Little Bug Lounge - $530 - a lil wild for us...but super fun for baby, right?!

We've been browsing baby gear a LOT lately.  Mostly to see what's out there - and to see what would work in our world....ummm....and what we can afford.  We want to be minimal in baby stuff - we live in such a small space that baby gear has the ability to take over...we want to avoid that.  Or try.

So...I found a few fab high chairs...who knew there was such a thing as a fab looking high chair?  Well there are.  We have a pub size kitchen table...where counter height stools are appropriate height...but typical high chairs aren't quite high enough.   Regardless, here are some fun designs I found at that mega-shopping experience of over 200 specialty shops online.

(This is probably the one we will get - even though it's not so "stylish" - it's super functional and it's a win win)

bloom - $499

Oxo - $249

Joovy Nook - $109

Valco - $159


  1. My friend has a chair that attaches right to the table so it works for any height. I don't know all the in's and out's for attachable chairs, I'm sure there are people out there that have bad things to say about them, but my friend has used it through two kids and has never had a problem. Just another potential option.

  2. I like the one you are thinking of getting, it's a lot like the one we have for Julianne. I like that they are easy to throw in the trunk when you go to visit people - and Jules seems to dig sitting at the table just like us!