Friday, June 25, 2010

smoky nights

cute lil bbq cookies...via Etsy's BeesKneesCreative

Tommy and I cooked for the first time in our new lil apartment last night.  We were all excited!  Cooked up a couple onion burgers on our new wedding gift Emeril stove-top griddle/grill (there aren't any outdoor grills at our apartment complex.)  We also busted out our new stainless pro-clad pots & pans wedding gift for the first time to make some heavenly side dishes.

We were being cutesy in the kitchen with each other...preparing our FIRST meal together in our brand new apartment, with our brand new wedding kitchenry, in our new city.  It felt nice.

Until the smoke detectors sirens went off.  Surely it wasn't our cooking....there wasn't a whole lot of smoke here.  Must be a neighbor.  We continued with our meal prep.  Then we heard the fire department sirens  outside.  Five seconds later our small kitchen is full of men in uniform. 

We might not cook again.  Ever.

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  1. Jes, my place has super sensitive smoke detectors. I have learned that if anything is even slightly smoky, I have to turn the fan on high and open a window. I'd hate to tell you how many times that alarm has gone off. Luckily, I live in the country. ;)