Sunday, June 20, 2010

$1 monopoly game

We find ourselves as newbie New Yorkers...with nothing to sit on, nothing to eat off of, no place but suitcases to put our clothes.  It's odd to be in this limbo. It's odd, but so wonderful to be in this new exciting place!!

We spent the weekend driving in new neighborhoods, desperate for a sweet yard sale or two.  Nada.  We happened upon a couple....but they were busts.  I did walk away with a $1 Monopoly game still in the plastic.  My win for the weekend.

On our way to visit family in a nearby state for Father's Day, we stopped off the highway to experience Ikea.  I've never owned anything from Ikea....though their modern designs are rather appealing...and their prices promise to leave money in the bank.  We might buy a bookcase or two from them.  Any thoughts?  Will it last?  Will my Monopoly game last longer? 


  1. we have that same white one from Ikea that you used in the picture. It has moved with us and is still strong and sturdy. Plus, they come with child braces to attach them to walls so there is no chance they will fall over. Just saying.

  2. It all depends on how agressively you play Monopoly. :-)

    We have Ikea shelving in our den and storage room...and some at the office. I think it's a very good value. I don't know that I would buy upholstered furniture there though.

    And try the meatballs with lingonberry sauce. Seriously!

  3. the trick with IKEA furniture is that it's fine if you take the time to build it correctly. But once you start taking it apart and moving it and rebuilding it and over and over, it will not last. that's what's funny, those of us that want/can afford cheap disposable furniture are the ones who need it to come apart and reassemble six times. The rest is usually okay. (Although G will never buy another bed from IKEA, even though I would.)