Sunday, January 10, 2010

machine hunt

My 28th birthday came and went in December. My fiance sent me an I O U for a sewing machine!! It's what I really really wanted :-)

Today I set out to pick one out. No success. The holidays cleared out most of the affordable machines from the shops. So....I'll keep reading up on sewing machines...which brands do I can get the biggest bang for my buck...what machines can handle quilting.... (I am so totally clueless when it comes to things like sewing...)

All I know is that allllllllll I want to do is quilt!!

I love this blog, Posie Gets Cozy...her projects are so delightful.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Belated Bday to you. My 28th birthday is next Monday! :)

    There are so many awesome sewing blogs out there...and sometimes I think I might like to buy a sewing machine and join in. BUT...I can't add one more thing. Not now anyway.

    Can't wait to see what cool things you create!