Sunday, January 24, 2010

friends of the library

Craziest literary experience today. We got a phone call from some friends telling us there was a massive book sale to benefit the Phoenix library system. We figured we'd check it out and stock Tommy's school bookshelves with some classics. I was anticipating a morning of digging through old cardboard boxes up to my elbows in books.

However, the warehouse was a WAREHOUSE of monstrous proportions. It was a cataloged, organized, and alphabetized. There was no digging....only grabbing and balancing the reads in our arms.

It was book-heaven. We walked away with over 60 books (and 2 vintage maps!) for less than $35. And it was so wonderful to hold some of those stories in my hands...tales I haven't read since high school...I was smiling the whole was like spending time with old friends.

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