Wednesday, January 20, 2010

glass blowing

I'm a Chihuly fanatic. His work gives me goosebumps. The color...the forms...the whimsy of it all just leaves me teary eyed and inspired (not to mention I wrote my senior thesis paper on him for Art History degree!) My affection for Chilhuly is shared with my mom - who is a sucker for beautiful glass. She used to beg me to learn glass-blowing...isn't that funny?

Well mom, our dreams could come true. Sonoran Glass Academy in Tucson, has classes open to the public to learn a variety of glass manipulation...including blowing!!!! I'll be moving to Tucson in two weeks...ummm...I might do this. I seriously might do this.

I just love when wishes come true.


  1. That is so neat! If you do take it up you should post photos!

  2. When in Flagstaff again, check out George Averbeck at Fire on the Mountain :)