Wednesday, October 14, 2009

le coeur humain

1892 Original bookplate

My life is revolving around medicine these days - it's pretty amazing stuff. As are these vintage finds at Le Coeur Humain, a lil Etsy shop that sells original medical sketches, book plates, and goodies from years long ago. What a fun way to decorate an office. Or a hallway. Great gift for the organ obsessed.

1880 - the Uterus

Every time I see a uterus I think of my little sister. May sound odd - but the girl is PASSIONATE about her Ob/Gyn studies! She's a third year MD student...and works sooooooooooo hard! I'm so proud of her.

1892 - Anatomy Book plate

I remember the first heart I ever held in my hands. It felt so substantial. So strong. And yet, so fragile. Amazing this lil guy keeps us going.


  1. So this makes me realize that I don't know what type of doctor you're going to become and I'd really be interested to know. =]

  2. the human body is sooo fascinating!! neat pics!