Friday, April 8, 2011

ugly chair = love

So.  I had an experience in one of those hideous gliding baby chairs at the breast-feeding center of our local mall (it's a gorgeous space for mothers who want to nurse their little ones...seriously...gorgeous space!).  I have hated the look of those chairs from the get-go and refused to entertain the thought of buying one for our home.  (please don't be offended if you have one of these in your home!)  I wanted to buy a pretty gliding chair...with slick lines...something we could use as real furniture once our baby wasn't a baby any more. 

But...those ugly gliders are sooo comfortable.  And nursing in it was a dream.  We couldn't come close to purchasing my dream gliders (here or here).  The ugly glider is somewhat of a steal in comparison. 

I can't wait to get my amazingly comfy ugly chair!

1 comment:

  1. we had an "ugly" glider in my home growing up. i never really appreciated it until i left home. then when my mom sold the house and most of the furniture i was devastated, literally devastated, sobbing to say goodbye to the chair. my mom was too, remembering all the times she rocked us in it. we both sat in it for a good long time the final day it sat in our home.

    and seriously even thinking about that chair now tears me up. your chair will be full of memories of you rocking sweet clara...enjoy it!