Saturday, April 23, 2011


via PipiPhotography - pretty pretty print!

I've decided that daffodils are the happiest flower.  I used to think it was sunflowers - with their big fancy faces and brilliantly outstretched petals.  Yet - after a winter of gray skies and snow covered landscapes, once these little yellow daffodils started showing their brilliance my heart started soaring.  SPRING IS SO CLOSE!  Even though the grass hasn't sprouted yet, and the trees are still cold and brown, the daffodils have fought their way through the soil to bring some sunshine to my walk to work. 

Oh I do love them. 

Happy Easter - hope you have a bouquet of these somewhere in your house today.


  1. I'm in the fresh cut flower mode too. It snowed again today. I'm finally sick of it!

  2. You're right! Daffodils come right when we need the color...and they are more cooperative to arrange than sunflowers.

    Hope you had a lovely Easter.

  3. Oh my. I knew that spring in New York was later than ours, but didn't know it was this late!

    And I thought I was impatient.

    Our Daffodils and early blooms are long gone. Now we have Dogwoods, Azaleas, Violets, and Tulips.