Tuesday, March 8, 2011

brilliant new york

One of the biggest reasons I was psyched about moving to upstate New York was being within a couple hours of New York City...as I LOVE New York City.  Who doesn't?  I love the museums.  The pizza.  The architecture.  The lights.  The parks.  I could go on infinitely.  Too bad residency has kept me busy almost every single weekend of the last 10 months...only made it into the city once...which is actually quite a tragedy.

One year I traveled into the city  over a dozen times...which is a lot for a girl who lived in Arizona (though I was living in Rhode Island at the time!).  I think this is a fun print by Julie Mercier; certainly not the most sophisticated portrayal of NYC, yet it is a fun and bright and lively interpretation.  I am a fan of Miss Mercier...remember here?

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