Wednesday, February 10, 2010

needle stick

The stormy Tucson weather must be quite a site. I wouldn't know. I've been in the hospital over 16 hours everyday for the past two weeks.

Today, my miserable general surgery rotation got a whole lot worse when I stabbed myself with a dirty suture needle in the operating room. I proceeded to get yelled at by the surgeon (no was when he was yelling at the nurse that I jumped and stabbed myself in the first place)...then 5 hours of paperwork, blood tests, and educational counseling on the risks of such a thing. It wasn't until my 3rd hour sitting in the emergency department listening to another nurse rant about HIV did I start crying.

I was crying. In the emergency department. We don't know if the patient has Hepatitis or HIV or whatever. Bummer.

I think this classifies itself as a bad day. I sorta wish I had this crazy cute band-aids to slap on my arm instead of the flesh-colored one I'm currently sporting.


  1. I'll keep you in my thoughts. Tomorrow is a new day!

  2. Oh no! I really hope that nothing was passed over to you. =[ Please update when you know!

  3. I hope they drew blood to test the patient! I can't believe they wouldn't be willing to find out if the patient is + for any of the nasties-that's odd.

    I was stuck for the first time ~9 months a surgery attending. He didn't like how I had my wrist crooked, and reached to reposition me without warning-and he left his dirty instrument and needle in his hand when he did it. It really does make for a sucky day-fortunately, after a couple of days I got notice that the patient was negative for the big 3 viruses. Made undergoing those subsequent "window period" tests a lot less nerve wracking.

  4. well, it's against the law to subject people to blood this patient has to sign a waiver for his blood to be tested for those icky things AND a separate waiver to let ME know if he does have those things.


  5. So sorry, Jes. Praying that the blood tests come out clean.

    You're going to make it...more than make it...through medical school. You're going to shine as a doctor. I just know it.