Saturday, February 20, 2010

my quilt

I love the look of this quilt (via here) - I want to crawl in and stay for a few hours.

I was making a quilt. I started last March...and haven't picked it up again since last July. It's no where near it's completion...I always assumed when I moved back to Arizona I would have lots of time to work on it (I was wrong.) And I realized a couple weeks ago that I never once washed some of the fabric before I started compiling the squares. So I washed the squares. And it unraveled the edges, distorted the shapes, and ripped some of the pieces. I ruined it.

Such a heartbreak.

I will fix it though. At some point.

*note: this isn't my quilt...I am enamored with looking at quilts online...and this is one of those captivating finds of someone's work.


  1. I love that- it looks good so far!

  2. Aww, I'm sorry, that sucks! But like you said, you will fix it (eventually) and it will be beautiful. You've got a lifetime to get it done, don't stress. =]

  3. what sarah ann says about a lifetime to finish it. that's so true! if we all thought about our little projects that way they wouldn't stress us out so much.