Wednesday, December 2, 2009

goals for year 28

Today I turn 28. A part of me feels that 28 sounds sooo old - why is that? I know I am still crazy young...I am blessed with an insatiable thirst for life...and 28 is no where even close to being OLD old. (unless you ask my 21 year old which case she thinks I am

I am very proud of all of the things my 28 years have accomplished so far. I have seen such beauty, experienced the truest love, laughed till I cried, experienced heart ache, survived medical school (which is a feat in and of itself) and have a lot to be proud of. (I just realized that this is quite a lil love fest I'm having for myself...that's kinda fun).

I have a lot of things I'd like to accomplish as a 28 year old. My 28 year old resolutions:

1. get the slammin' 28 year old body I want! wahoo!!
2. embrace a lovely and harmonious marriage with the one I love most
3. begin my surgical training to be a top notch physician (officially graduate in June!!)
4. take advantage of weekends for more local exploration
5. finish my first quilt (I've taken close to 7 months off from working on's about time I begin again)
6. quit buying sh*t clothes :-) I really need to quit buying stuff on sale just because it's onsale...and instead buy great pieces of clothing that I can cherish in multiple ways.
7. mix up the classics I haven't read yet with the chick-lit I've been pouring over ('s more of an addiction)
8. cook at least one real meal per week...using new recipes each time (oooooo fun!)
9. become more politically aware/tolerant
10. work on my mad photog skills

10 is a good list to start with I think. Happy birthday self. This is going to be a GREAT year!


  1. Happy, Happy Day. I love the idea of a birthday resolution list. It's a natural time for reflection and planning for the future...and your list looks achieveable. You're already moving forward on all 10 of those resolutions.

    Twenty-eight will be an amazing year for you.

  2. Happy Birthday, freckles! I stumbled upon your blog while looking for pics of barren trees to paint...I've never even read a blog before, but started reading yours and was captivated. you are simply adorable! I am turning 58 in a few weeks and believe it or not,Our styles are sooo similar that it makes me laugh! I've just started painting for the first time and I'm sooo enjoying it.(With 2 teenagers, it's finally time for me to have alittle "me" time) I wish you well with your uncoming career and marriage! I'll be checking in to see more of your very cool inspirational blogs! Esther

  3. happy birthday! our birthdays are so close together. i'm sure you can achieve anything on that list you want to!

  4. Happy birthday! I would have never thought you were 28! You look younger- and I mean this as a compliment. =]