Saturday, July 31, 2010

stairway to...

I imagine, if we had a staircase, it would be interesting...with fantastic colors and too much visual stimulation to handle in one trip...or 50 trips for that matter.  Someday, maybe, we'll have a house that has stairs.

Right now, we reside on the 3rd floor in our building.  It has an elevator, but I refuse to use it...makes me feel all kinds of lazy.  I prefer the stairs, despite the fact it is so ugly...and spider ridden....with giant dust bunny collections in the's actually kindof gross.  But I walk it anyway.  Today - I'm going to sweep it out - even though the building has a cleaning person - I don't think she likes cleaning the stairs...pretty sure she hasn't done it since we moved in.


  1. i just got a house with stairs but haven't hung anything yet. i have no idea how people are supposed to hang things high on stair walls. is there a ladder just for stairs?

  2. oh - something i've never thought about...good luck holly!!