Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fiesta fiesta!

photo via here

I've spent more time than I will EVER admit over deciding what place setting to "register" for. I had made up my mind, long ago, that one set of durable classic white dishes was what I sought for my dinner table. And yet I've battled over which "white set" to select. Their differences are so slight that I'm sure the average person would think they were the same. Who knows why I'm so obsessed with this detail.

Regardless...then, after finally selecting the set with the tiny white rim of embellishment, a detail so slight you kinda have to squint to see it at all, I see explosions of color like this.

And I am left feeling so incredibly, ridiculously boring with my bright whites.

I really do love Fiesta ware. It really is a party! I like parties.

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  1. i want fiestaware for a party, but do you want it for your whole life? i'm a fan of plain white dishes, but that's because i think they photograph best and i am a food blogger who likes to photograph my food. is that a weird reason to like white dishes?